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Getting monthly dividends like a paycheck will make you independent. You will have much more free time for your dreams, hobbies and your loved ones. Investing in a decentralized crypto investment fund with an immutable and unchangeable smart contract is the most comfortable and hassle-free choice you can make.

Buy BOLD tokens to become a partner.

BOLD tokens are real shares of Boldman Capital. Don't miss the chance to join the first decentralized investment fund with a huge community and earn Ethereum every month.

Buy BOLD tokens

150000 BOLD = 1 ETH

No minimum or maximum investments
Be a lifetime shareholder
Earn dividends every month
Dividends as Ethereum (ETH)
We invest, you earn
Ethereum ERC20

Earn Ethereum Every Month

In September 1st, 150000 BOLD token holders (1 ETH) earned 0.0910 ETH to their wallets: +%9.10 increase.
In August 1st, 150000 BOLD token holders (1 ETH) earned 0.0740 ETH to their wallets: +%7.40 increase.

Startups are efficiently funding their products from the global market without zero regulation via "Initial Coin Offerings" method. Faster, more easy-to-use, immutable chains of blocks or networks that connect people without an intermediary are the primary investment criteria of ours, among other aspects.

Funding these initiatives from the root and supporting the development of their products with our R&D team is delivers the prestige of "helping the world decentralized" to Boldman Capital.

Smart Contract

We deployed a smart contract on Ethereum network to create Boldman (BOLD) tokens. Ethereum network is decentralized and immutable.

ICO Dates

Boldman Capital ICO phase started on 19 June 2018 and will end on 31 October 2018. If collected funds reach to the hard cap, ICO ends immediately.

Soft Cap

Boldman Capital is using investors coins to invest and shares the %90 of the profit, even in ICO phase. Therefore, there is no soft cap.

Hard Cap

Stable growth and income is the reason our shareholders invested in Boldman Capital. That is why we decided our hard cap as 5890 ETH.


We created Boldman Capital crowdsale contract to mint tokens for every new investor with a maximum total supply limit as BOLD.


Our smart contract contains various bonuses as extra tokens on purchases to attract new investors. Current extra tokens bonus rate is %50.

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Partners of our operation

These companies are actively helping us to thrive Boldman Capital.

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Roadmap, Achievements and Milestones

We are working hard to be one of the most profitable investment funds in the market.

  1. Boldman Capital started the token sale.

    We deployed a smart contract on Ethereum network to create Boldman (BOLD) tokens. You can buy BOLD tokens until 31 October 2018.

  2. Distribution of the first Ethereum (ETH) dividends.

    Token holders are getting ETH to their wallets as dividends, every month. First dividends will be distributed on August 1st, 2018.

  3. Mobile app for our investors to track their BOLD tokens and Ethereum profits.

    Boldman Capital App

    We are developing an app for our investors to track their BOLD and ETH wallets to see and analyze their profits.

  4. BOLD tokens will be listed in popular exchanges.

    Boldman Capital has allocated funds to spend for listing in high volume exchanges, such as Binance and OKEX.

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You will earn Ethereum (ETH) dividends every month just by holding your BOLD tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

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